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Carolina Arena Equipment is the manufacturer and supplier of the DragNfly and DragNfly PRO arena maintenance groomers. DragNfly was designed for the newer synthetic footings like rubber, fiber, textile, and others; no other footing drag works as well on these synthetic arena footings. With the optional Leveling Blade attachment our arena footing groomers can be used on natural footings like
sand and limestone. Whether you have conventional, synthetic, or natural footings, only one groomer does it all, the DragNfly! Ask about our lateset model the MINI DragNfly!
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A Testimiony from Sawn Lake Horse Show
These are the drags we use on all of our rings at Swan Lake. They are great Drags and a company that stands behind their equipment. We at Swan Lake thank them for their support of us as a sponsor for the last 4 years and if you have any questions about the drags and might want to purchase one drop either me or Carolina Arena-Equipment a line and we can get you taken care of. You can see them in action at the PJA Jumper Classic and the Swan Lake Summer Kick Off later in June.

Check out our new product the MINI DragNfly!
MINI DragNfly


Very few drag company's actually make their own drags. They get a local fab shop that doesn't know what the machine is suppose to do, therefore is not built correctly or strong enough. We manufacture our own drags with experience built to perfection. Don't buy a drag that will not last. Save money and stress and buy a DragNfly. The DragNfly will bring any footing back to life guaranteed!


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DragNfly footing groomers are the drags of choice in such venues as the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY, The Jumper Classic, Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL, Horse Shows In The Sun, Fieldstone Show Park in Halifax, MA, and others. Carolina Arena Equipment has been servicing these and many other boarding and private facilities.

One Groomer Rejuvenates All.
Simply. Quickly.

The DragNfly renovates and conditions conventional and synthetic footings on horse riding arenas and tracks. The unique design features heavy duty side rub rails. An aggressive double row of adjustable ripper teeth are offset, have a spacing of 4 inches and a working depth of up to 4 inches. The rear 2 rows of spring tines are off set and can be adjusted by a manual ratchet or an optional hydraulic cylinder. The spring tines give an ultimate mixing effect of the surface. The rear bar roller pulverizes and packs to the desired density, leaving an attractive pattern finish.