For DragNFly and DragNFly PRO, call for Pricing. All replacement parts can be purchased online.


Part # Part Description Picture Price Order Here
TEESTD Teeth, Standard View Picture $30.00 USD
TEEADJ Teeth, Adjustable View Picture $30.00 USD
TEEREI Teeth, Reist View Picture $40.00 USD
TINSPRG Tines, Spring View Picture $7.50 USD
TINHOLD Tines, Holder Bracket View Picture $3.50 USD
BEARER Bearing, Rear Roller View Picture $25.00 USD
BEAR2BOLT Bearing, Pro Rear Roller, 2 Bolt Flange View Picture $25.00 USD
BEAR4BOLT Bearing, Pro Rear Roller, 4 Bolt Flange View Picture $45.00 USD
PINHAIR Hairpin View Picture $2.00 USD
PINLINCH Linchpin View Picture $3.50 USD
SHOCSWI Swivel Shock View Picture $45.00 USD
RACHET Ratchet, Depth Adjuster View Picture $35.00 USD

* It is recommended before each use that the operator inspect equipment for loose hardware and parts and tighten as necessary. CAE will not be responsible for any loose items in the arena. Additionally the application of Loctite may be recommended when replacing certain parts.

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