Carolina Arena Equipment began manufacturing quality arena drags in 2012. We manufacture all of our products in rural Abbeville, SC, and ship them internationally.

Many of the large equestrian centers use our DragNfly arena drags to prepare their arenas for world-class events.

This page includes information about our drags and how to use them. We hope it’s helpful. If you have any questions, please contact us.

We Believe in Quality

Made in USA – shipped worldwide

Since 2012

Our Story

Carolina Arena Equipment developed the the DragNfly and DragNfly PRO through years of listening and designing.

New footings often have many unquestionable benefits for both the horses and riders; increasing safety and confidence in an economical manner. This is obviously good for all involved, but it usually means another piece of equipment must be purchased to make full use of these newer footings.

Enter Carolina Arena Equipment…

Our goal is to create a product that provides simple service for years to come. We achieve that goal by dedication to product development and customer service. As arena footings change (which is a pretty sure thing), you want an arena maintenance groomer that will adapt and work flawlessly.

Carolina Arena Equipment is a father & sons team located in historic Abbeville, South Carolina.

used by some of the largest equestrian centers in North America


“Five Stars!”

I was very impressed and pleased with the customer service offered when we were in the market for an arena drag. Very happy we found this company and extremely happy with the way the drag works our ground! Great Product! Great People! 

– Jenny Pierce

I’ve seen the dragnfly pros around enough to know it’s what I’d like to buy very soon. Having a small older Kubota tractor (19hp) my options are so limited but the mini dragnfly looks to be perfect. 😊

– Heidi Caldwell

usa made


Our Drags are designed to work for all types of footing – GGT, Geo Textile, Synthetic, Silica Sand, Wax, Rubber, Wood Chips, Carpet Fiber, and Many More.

Mini DragNfly

  • Mix the surface of your footing (no ripper teeth)
  • Easily pull with your ATV, golf cart, or compact tractor


Mini DragNfly Pro

  • Same configuration as the DragNfly Pro
  • Lighter to allow pulling behind smaller tractors



  • Aggressive ripper teeth
  • Spring tines mix the surface
  • Bar roller for an attractive pattern finish

DragNfly Pro

  • 3 point swivel hitch
  • Double rollers for increased stability
  • No assembly required


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